2br/2ba Unit for up to 12

june grad rentals welcome

Large unit with a private front porch and 2 picnic tables.

Enter in a small hallway that has 2 doors: one leading to the studio for up to 6 (2 double beds plus a pull out) and the other one leading to a queen suite (2 Queen beds plus a pull out, mini fridge and microwave.
Fully equipped kitchen with full size refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, toaster, dishes and cook ware in studio side. 2 full bathrooms with tub/shower combo. 2 parking spaces. Tvs in each room.

Surviving the winter blues

Think of this approach as a survival guide for the remainder of the winter season. Plan your summer get-away now! It’s a way to channel soothing, summery thoughts during the big chill of winter. Being in a warm house while reading a travel guide or calling up all of these exotic destination photos online is a great way to spend a cold, dreary day. Besides, anticipation is half the enjoyment. The sooner you plan, the longer you have to look forward to your trip.”

Early Birds Get the Deals

Now is the very best time to start researching and booking your summer beach trip. Some resorts and destinations offer early-bird discounts! For certain popular places, you have to start sooner than later or you’ll miss out entirely.

If you wait till the last minute, you also will not be left with that many choices. By booking early, especially for the holidays, special events and weekends, you are avoiding the price spikes that are definitely demand driven in resort destinations!

Why plan your summer vacation now?

The winter holidays are over, and you’re bracing for the cold months ahead. Sounds like a perfect time to think about ... that big summer beach getaway?

Whatever your destination, you should start your planning now to discover great deals, sock away funds and ensure that you have made all the required arrangements so you can enjoy a memorable summer break in a locale you have always wanted to visit.

This is especially true if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to stop procrastinating and missing out on great opportunities. You can never start too soon in researching discounts and deals for your next summer trip!

Here 8 reasons WHY you should start making your plans now:

Early birds get the deals

It’s smart to start saving early

Some destinations let you pay in early installments

You’ll be able to travel together with loved ones

You can save on lodging

You’ll have time to arrange pet-care services or find pet friendly accommodations

You’ll get the most out of your experience

You’ll have something to look forward to

Does the cold weather make you dream of the summer vacation?

Hooray! It's yet another snow day!

Here are some few simple tips of how to stay warm and safe while you're dreaming of a sunny & hot get-away just a few months away..

Layer up!

Dressing in layers is the best way to stay warm and toasty in the cold, because you can start out with lots of clothes to keep you warm and then peel them off once you start to heat up.

Top it off!

You're all bundled up and ready to go, but are you forgetting something? Pull a hat onto your head! You'll stay much warmer with a hat than without one — tons of body heat escapes right from your head. Scarves, face masks, and earmuffs are also great at covering you up so you'll stay comfortable longer.

And don't forget mittens or gloves — the waterproof kind are best if you know you'll be playing around a lot in the snow. Keeping your hands warm and dry is important because fingers are very sensitive to the cold.

Drink it up!

Sounds like advice for hot weather, not cold weather, right? Well, the truth is that it's good advice for both kinds of weather. When you're outside in the cold and breathing hard, you lose a lot of your body's water through your breath. And the best way to get that water back is to drink up!

Warm drinks and soups keep you hydrated and heat up your insides when it's cold outside. Plus, stopping to have something warm to drink has two other bonuses: first, it makes you go inside and get warm for a few minutes while you're drinking; and second, it makes you go inside and get warm for a few minutes while you're using the bathroom later!

Take it easy!

Sometimes if you're out having fun, it's easy to forget to pay attention to your body. But if your body temperature drops even 4 or 5 degrees while you're outside, it can make you feel crummy.

That's why you need to be alert to your body's signals. If you're starting to shiver or your teeth are chattering, it's a message from your body that you need to head inside. And if you ever feel dizzy or weak, those are sure signs that you have to take it easy indoors for a while.

Keeping an eye on other kids can help make things safe. If it looks like a friend is shivering and really cold, suggest that you take a break inside together. You can both warm up while planning your summer "escapes" and then head back outside for more fun.

Playing it Safe while planning your Senior Week in Ocean City, MD

Senior week in Ocean City maryland

This is the time of the year when we are flooded by numerous phone calls and emails by anxious soon-to-be graduates and their apprehensive parents looking for advice, reassurance of legitimacy of the rental units, safe accommodations, and the best deals available.  Many seniors and parents have heard the stories of past graduates about the landlords that collect their monies and then look for any minuscule reason to evict them soon after the arrival or even private owners who collect the money, and then are nowhere to be found on the day of the check in. So to make sure your Senior Week Trip goes smooth, here' s how to Play it safe while planning your trip to Ocean City, MD.

  1. Choose a legitimate Rental company or Hotel/Motel
  2. Make sure they rent to graduates to avoid the refusal of the rental or eviction upon arrival because "they don't rent to groups"
  3. View the photos of the place that you're interested in or better yet - come and see it in person - anyone can post pictures of a place online and pretend it exists in Ocean City, MD
  4. Read the Rental Policies before you put any money down; this will ensure you know what will be expected of you and what you should expect in return
  5. Make sure you're clear on when the payments are due and follow the payment plan so your reservation is not cancelled for non payment
  6. Collect the down payment from all your friends and reserve the Beach House!

Beach Getaways Management rents to High School Seniors  for over 12 years now, making sure every sensible senior week-er has a safe and pleasant time in Ocean City, so they can cherish the memories of this week for the rest of their lifetime. In fact, many of our seniors have returned for another week of "sun and sand" even when they're in college, and now many younger brothers and sisters are coming to experience what their older brothers and sisters where raving about. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about Senior Week Rentals 

You may also find a lot of useful information about Senior Week in Ocean City on Play it Safe official website www.playitsafeoceancity.com. The mission of PLAY IT SAFE is to encourage high school graduates to make informed, healthy choices while having responsible fun without the use of alcohol and other drugs.